Solitude – A Success Tool for Today’s Leaders

Guest article by Ajay Tanna – Brisbane, Australia. Solitude has been instrumental to the effectiveness of leaders throughout history. In today’s connected world, virtually everyone is staring down at their phones instead of being alone with their thoughts. Humans have unknowingly surrendered their reflection time in favour of spending time reading texts and tweets. With […]

Plan C: Culture Focused Strategy for Sustainable Business Growth

Guest article by Dr. Sanjeev Dixit – Global HR Leader, Ideapreneur and Author of highly acclaimed culture transformation book “PLAN C”. “If culture eats strategy across all three meals, then the CEO serves those meals.” Circa 2025, Headline of leading Global Newspaper reads “Many Bluechip & start-up companies world over closed down due to lack […]

Bringing Purpose Into Your Career

Guest article by Barbara Bradley Hagerty – Bestselling Author of Life Reimagined: The Science, Art and Opportunity of Midlife, and NPR correspondent for 19 years. A Harvard Business School professor once asked me: Do you have 20 years of experience, or one year of experience 20 times? To be happy in your career, you need to tackle […]