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Our Role as People Lose Jobs

With the PC (pre-covid & post-covid) factor not going away anytime soon, the tunnel seems to be getting longer than expected, with possibly few sporadic pin holes of light injecting some rays of hope. As per the ILO estimates for Q2, hours adding up to nearly 305m jobs have moved out of the market, with a variety of businesses keeling under the strain of keeping their cash flows intact. Guy Ryder, the ILO’s director-general made a point that struck me deep – “we all have to think for the human need that stands behind that extraordinary number of lost jobs, out of the 1.6bn people who were significantly impacted by the crisis”.

I feel it’s time to rise and extend a hand to people caught in the spin. We can surely take that little time out from our week to accept that ping or call for someone seeking advice. It is not that hard. Being of help can mean providing a connection or simply be a sounding board. We just might be able to provide some cushion or parachute with our years of experience and network. Here are some of the ways executives finding themselves on the cross-roads of a career might want to consider. I invite the readers to pitch in with additional thoughts.

  1. Take a short break and clear up your mind. This is super important. It is important de-clutter the deluge of thoughts that might emerge from the upheavel caused by emotions led by a certain job situation, the pulls of meeting the immediate education fees, mortgage, bills etc. and the anxiety of finding a future source of sustained income.
  2. Assess your current financial situation and cash flow. This will decide how much fuel does one have for the road ahead. The need to be practical is important. It not only gives a realistic tinge to the next steps but also defuses panic.
  3. Consider reviewing your skills and any gaps you need to cover. Reflecting if our skills are relevant for next decade is something we all need to do. The industries are reshaping and so is the market. Its time to take notice and re-align.
  4. What’s your personal brand. In the area of work one wants to continue or switch over to, it is important to build your ‘authority’ and your brand which speaks about your expertise.
  5. Focus on your health and fitness – use this ‘break’ to rejuvenate
  6. Build your network, reach out and ask. Don’t be shy.
  7. Meditate – your mental well-being directly impacts your physical well-being and the other passengers on your bus (family). It also gives you the power to focus and take the right decisions.
  8. Education – What about the long pending diploma or degree you wanted to pursue?If your financial situation allows, this is the best time to upgrade yourself.
  9. Plan – how to go after your next gig – does it need to be a job? Ask yourself. Every answer for a sustained income is not necessarily to get another job of the same kind. the resourcefulnes of the human mind is often underestimated. Find your path. The next gig could be something you always wanted to do and didn’t have the time to do.
  10. Find another mind to tap into – a mentor, a friend, a counsel to discuss your thoughts.
  11. Work the plan. No plan works on its own. Set clear milestones and go after the quick wins first.

Here’s my favourite quote from Dalai Lama that speaks volumes on the journey ahead to traverse. Here’s to everyone’s success and a rejuvenating journey! Let us reach out or accept that ping today. We could make a real difference.

“There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done.

One is called Yesterday and the other is called Tomorrow.

Today is the right day….”

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